Course Description

For your peace of mind and their well-being, help these amazing young dogs to learn how to live with humans in fun, happy and reliable ways...

Canine science is crystal clear that the first 3-4 years of a dog's life are critical for learning and behavior-shaping. We refer to all dogs under 4-years-old as "pups".

This special online course was added at the request of mindful pet parents, who wanted to learn  critically important behavior shaping, socialization, imprinting, and family bonding during the pup's first 4 years of a dog's life to prevent:

  1. chewing
  2. jumping
  3. nipping
  4. peeing
  5. loosing focus
  6. snarling
  7. anxiety and fearfulness
  8. resource guarding

So we laser focus on these behaviors as well as the basic skill sets and behaviors that all our super-star rescue pups need to learn.

Keep in mind that once the many stages within the 3-4 year developmental time frame is missed, it is WAY harder to help a dog to live happily, ease-fully and trustingly with their human family. Canine research indicates that each month you wait, you can miss vital stages of socialization, imprinting and training opportunities. As a pups's neurology is developing, she will learn at each stage whatever life teaches be there for her and show her how to live calmly, with focus and how to live happily in a human world.

Mindful Pet Parenting™ courses are unique, designed with pup challenges and needs specifically in mind, and are easily accessible any time from a smart phone, tablet or computer. Online courses are filled with audio, visual, and graphics that teach, support, and make the course fun and engaging.

This course is totally interactive and lots of fun for mindful pet parents and their awesome pups!

Creator of Mindful Pet Parents

Lee Kemter

In over twenty years of working with animals, Lee Kemter's passion is now focused specifically on an exciting new way to parent dogs. It's about understand our dog more fully from the perspective of the latest canine neurology and anthropology rather than focusing ONLY on behavior modification using positive techniques or worse... forceful manipulation. Lee's courses teach parents so much about their unique fur baby and how to connect and communicate as a loving parent, that the dog parent will be speaking 'dog' as a second language by the end of the course. They will transform as much as their dog will. She specializes not just in animal behavior but also human personal growth and development, which is essential for parenting and building a solid foundation of communication and connection.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Techie Guide to The Course

    • The Techie Guide To The Course

  • 2

    Navigating The Course

    • Welcome to Mindful Dog Parenting For Pups and Adolescent Dogs™ 

    • ​To Get The Most Out of The Course, Be Sure to Watch For These Interactive Elements

    • You Need To Know This

    • Meeting Each Other

  • 3

    Let's Get Started

    • We Are Ready To Go

  • 4

    Module 1 Puppy Parenting Tips and Tricks

    • Welcome to Module 1

    • Tip: What To Look For

    • And Consider This

    • Explore: Breed Characteristics

    • Exercise: Pup Characterisitcs

    • ​Tip: Create An Environment

    • And Consider This

    • ​Tip: Pup’s Needs

    • Explore: Instincts

    • Video: Play

    • Exercise

    • Quiz: Needs and Instincts

    • Explore: The Mistakes

    • Video: Meet Your Dream Dog

    • Discussion

    • Summing Up

  • 5

    Module 2 Teaching, Modeling, and Loving

    • Welcome to Module 2

    • Explore: Your Primary Focus

    • Tips: For Success

    • Exercise: Modeling Behavior

    • Audio: Tips For Challenges

    • Audio: Challenges Exercise

    • Audio: Pup Training Step 1

    • Add Another Step

    • Audio: Calling All Pups

    • Discussion

    • Summing Up

  • 6

    Module 3 Working Through the First Three Years

    • Welcome to Module 3

    • Explore: Socialization Stages

    • Video: Socialize Your Pup

    • Tip: Using Instincts

    • Audio: Exercise In Pee Time

    • Tip: Keep The Game Going

    • Audio: Clarity About Crates

    • Audio: Crate Training Exercise

    • Tips: Give Pup Specific Toys

    • Discussion

    • Summing Up

  • 7

    Module 4 Love-based Solutions to  Common Adolescent  Behaviors

    • Welcome To Module 4

    • Explore: How Manners Begin

    • Video: Get To Sit And Down

    • And Consider This

    • Discussion

    • Audio: Exercise Get to Bed

    • Discussion

    • Video: Get To Stay

    • And Consider This

    • Audio: Demanding Attention

    • Audio: Resource Guarding

    • Discussion

    • Summing Up

    • What's next?

    • Finale And Surprises

    • Celebrate

  • 8

    Bonus 1 Clicker Training Secrets

    • Slide Show: Clicker Training Secrets

  • 9

    Bonus 2 Tips For Working With High-Energy Pups

    • Welcome: To High Energy

    • Audio: Exercise Create Calm

    • Audio: Address Jumping

    • Tip: Nipping Basics

    • And Consider This

    • Audio: Nip Nipping

    • Discussion

    • Summing Up

    • A final thought

  • 10

    Bonus 3 Private Interactive Facebook Group

    • How To Join

  • 11


    • Where I found the information that I shared

  • 12


    • Awesome Ways To Accelerate Learning And Training

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