Your Happy Rescue Dog

The 6 Essentials For Creating Harmony And A Happy Life With Your Rescue Dog | Lee Kemter

Course description

This course is for Rescue Dog Lovers and here’s how you know if you are a Rescue Dog Lover:

  • if you think your doggie’s poop smells better than every other dog’s poop. (You don’t mind cleaning up after your dog but it grosses you out to pick up other dog’s poop.)
  • if you like to call your dog by all kinds of crazy names like muffin-cakes, baby girl, sweetie pie, etc.
  • if you always make sure your dog eats better than you do and has every toy he wants and maybe the cutest clothes and coolest collar too…
  • if people wonder why you head home each day with a big smile knowing unconditional love is waiting to greet you…

You know you are perfect for this course if you:

  • want to be a “conscious” pet parent…which means that you are not trying to fix your dog.
  • are looking for ways to relate to your dog that make his life better…and yours…
  • deep down you can sense that everything in your life can be a catalyst for your evolution into the best of who you are.

To reach that goal, you:

  1. align with your highest values and beliefs,
  2. let go of anything that binds you to an egotistical side of yourself and
  3. are willing to stretch yourself and be open to new ways of caring for your dog and relating to her…

This course is not mainstream. It’s not for anyone who wants to place expectations and demands on their dog.

This course is for anyone who:

  • considers themselves to be totally in love with their amazing rescue dog….
  • is ready to be an even bigger radical giver of happiness to their dog
  • would love to know how to help their dog to navigate easily and happily in a human world
  • loves to grow and evolve consciously into the best they can be as a human being (and maybe envisioning themselves fully embracing the divine in them and their dog)
  • is not afraid to leave the mainstream behind to embark on new adventures
  • believes fun, play and love are part of all healthy relationships relationships
  • knows that a good relationship (including inter-species relationships) create healthier body, mind and emotions

If all of this is too much or seems like it’s not fun, I bless you on your journey…

And if it sounds like fun and an adventure worthy of your valuable time…keep reading…and welcome to the amazing world of Rescue Dog Lovers.

In this course, we drill down and find the reason that your dog is acting out challenging behaviors. You become the catalyst for their learning, relaxation and feeling of safety.

In a nutshell, you and your dog can live happily ever after, and have tons of fun together.

Your Happy Rescue Dog™ The 6 essentials for creating harmony and a happy life with your rescue dog

9 Weeks of comprehensive, holistic tools and approaches to training, wellness, and behavior that will:

  • Help rescue dogs to let go of fear, aggression, anxiety and the problems, issues and challenges that are keeping you and your dog from having a closer bond and happier life together. It's not just methods and techniques, this course also incudes personalized nutrition designed for rescue dogs.
  • Stop your rescue dog from growling, chewing, peeing, hiding and cowering so that you and your dog relax, feel safe and feel that you can trust each other.
  • Refine and go to the next level in skills such as walking on leash, coming when called, communicating on a very deep level and learning ways to play with your dog that are fun but also develop a keen sense of subtle connection. You will learn and practice the refinements that create communication that every dog lover dreams of having with their dog.
  • Provide you with out-of-the-box, energizing solutions that fill you and your dog with optimism and warm, fuzzy feelings.
  • Create a confident, happy dog who lives with you and your family with a wagging tail and with eyes that sparkle with love and appreciation.

You will be part of a very active private Facebook group where you can share successes and ask questions with other conscious dog parents.

Rescue Dog Lovers™ courses are unique, designed with rescue dog challenges and needs specifically in mind, and are easily accessible any time from a smart phone, tablet or computer. Online courses are filled with audio, visual, and graphics that teach, support, and make the course fun and engaging.

Weekly webinars provide further training as we interact live (you and your dog can be on video). Webinars are also a time for Q&A. It's important to be able to connect and share.

Remember that this course comes with a no-risk, 60-day money back guarantee. You can simply send an email within 60 days and your tuition will be returned. No questions asked.

Wishing you and your dog lots of happy smiles and great times ahead,

Lee Kemter
Lee Kemter
Creator of Mindful Pet Parents

In over twenty years of working with animals, Lee Kemter's passion is now focused specifically on an exciting new way to parent dogs. It's about understand our dog more fully from the perspective of the latest canine neurology and anthropology rather than focusing ONLY on behavior modification using positive techniques or worse... forceful manipulation. Lee's courses teach parents so much about their unique fur baby and how to connect and communicate as a loving parent, that the dog parent will be speaking 'dog' as a second language by the end of the course. They will transform as much as their dog will. She specializes not just in animal behavior but also human personal growth and development, which is essential for parenting and building a solid foundation of communication and connection.

Course Curriculum

Techie stuff
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Let's Get Started
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Module 2 Love Training 101
Video: Ancient Science
Audio: Interview - Ancient Science
Explore: The Power of 5
Resource 1: The Elements
Resource 2: The Elements
Video: Your Rescue Dog's 5
A Case Study
Good Advice
Explore: Details of The Diet
Tip: The Perfect Diet
Video: Case Studies
Summing Up
Review: You've Discovered
Tip: What A Whiff Is About
Video: Whiffing It
Audio: Harnessing Scent
Tip: Even More To Sniff
Tip: List of Essential Oils And More
Video: Magic Happens
Summing Up
Your Next Step
Exercise: Facial Expressions
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Audio: Facial Expressions
A Case Study
Explore: Body Language
Video: Vital Warnings
Audio: Science & Subtle Skills
Exercise: Learn From Your Dog
Summing Up
Exercise: Communicate
Your Next Step
Audio: The Basics
A Case Study
Audio: Upping The Bar
Exercise: Video Your Calling
Summing Up
Your Next Step
Video: TTOUCH™
Graphic: Images of Touches
Exercise: Exploring TTOUCH
Audio: Upping The Bar
Video: How To Do Earwork
Graphic: TTouch Earwork
Summing Up
Coming Up Next
Your Next Step
Explore: Out of Balance
Video: Finding Balance
Case Study
Video: See What Happened
Video: What Is Next
Graphic: Create A Harness
Exercise and Discuss
Explore: Safety Is A Priority
Summing Up
Next Steps
Tips: Bonus Round
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Bonus 1 Private Facebook Group
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Bonus 2 Adolescent Jumping and Nipping
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Bonus 3 Resource Guarding
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